We hereby provide the following privacy policy to ensure the protection of your private information. We strive to keep our customer’s private information updated and in doing so conduct measure to avoid any illegal access, loos, damage, or leakage of said information. We may use a customer’s private information for the purpose of communicating our notices and information directly to them, and for responding to any queries they may have via email. We ensure the prohibition of disclosing any private information to a third party. We shall manage the private information of our customers appropriately, and will only disclose said information after the customer’s consent is obtained. Where we disclose such information, such as to a business agent, it is so to operate the service(s) to the customer’s desire; and where such disclosure is required under the law.

Safety Countermeasures for Private Information Protection;

We shall take all necessary safety countermeasures for protecting our customer’s private information and will endeavor to take all the necessary security measures.

Identification of the Customer Confirmation;

If a customer desires to amend, correct, or delete their own private information, we shall only respond to their request after duly confirming the customer’s identity.

Compliance to Laws and Regulations and Revision of Our Privacy Policy;

We will at all times comply with Japanese laws, regulations, and bylaws applicable to private information in our possession, and shall revise and/or improve the contents or our Privacy Policy as may be necessary.

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For any inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please feel free to contact us.