AYURVEDAAuthentic Ayurveda private Spa

Leela Veda is Japan’s most authentic Ayurveda private Spa, located ideally near Narita International Airport, colloquially known as the gateway to Japan. We use oils and powders from the southern Kerala region of India, and our therapist is certified by the Indian Government. The spa course we provide features traditional authentic panchakarma elements, using selected organic herb oils imported directly from India. Here you can experience the full detox effect, restore genuine inner health, and improve stability of the mind. Reservations are required for private spa use. We provide a unique service not found with other salons in Japan, so please try us by all means. If you’re looking to improve your overall physical condition or looking to improve your every day heath, we suggest you take up one of our easy to follow courses.

REASONS TO CHOOSEFour reasons why people choose Leela Veda.

  • We dedicate our time to one client only, per day, making our private spa, just for you.

    Leela Veda is just a 15-minute drive from Narita International Airport. As a part of our service, we provide free pick up from Narita International Airport. Just let us know if you require a ride when you make your reservation.

    (Open from 10am-8pm.)

    ※Bookings required one day in advance.
    ※If you require our services outside regular business hours, just ask us when you book.

  • Leela Veda is Japan’s most authentic Ayurveda private spa, featuring a therapist certified by the Indian Government.

    Leela Vada is the first authentic Ayurveda Spa practiced by an Ayurveda Panchakarma therapist certified by the Indian Government located in Narita area. Our spa uses selected organic herb oils and powders from India. We provide a polite all-hand treatment for each customer to ensure the ultimate relaxation effect, combining a mix of authentic Indian Ayurveda techniques and knowledge with delicate Japanese technologies.

  • Experience authentic India in a space that will leave you in a state of bliss.

    Leela Veda’s interior features a modern take on both Middle East and Moroccans tastes rarely found in Japan. Our bed and Shirodhara stand are custom-made in India and our spa furnishings are sourced from India and the Middle East, that way you are ensured of enjoying an authentic spa treatment that you will not experience anywhere else in Japan. We’re also a bilingual spa, so for our overseas customers you can enjoy our services with peace of mind.

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ABOUTAbout Us Leela Veda

The philosophy behind our name

Leela (Sanskrit) can be loosely translated as the “divine play”. Leela accurately describes the notion within yogic philosophy and that the whole world is the spontaneous creation of Brahman. It is sportive and playful, and emphasizes the fact that the world is born in freedom and playful creativity. Veda (from Ayurveda) is taken from Sanskrit meaning “to know”. Thus, veda means “knowledge or wisdom”. Our hope is that those who come to Leela Veda will enjoy their lives, be free of obstruction by way of detoxing, while allowing them to get back to feeling like their original selves.

The philosophy behind our Logo.

The white egret is a large, widely distributed egret found throughout most temperate regions of the world. While I was practicing Ayurveda in southern India, I saw a great white egret perched atop a palm tree and was immediately fascinated by the godliness of her beautiful curved form. Located near Narita International Airport, we were inspired by the taking off of airplanes much in the way we were inspired by the white egret, and our hope is that you too will also take flight like this beautiful graceful bird, from Leela Veda.

PROFILEMy profile.

Yoko Takeuchi / both owner and therapist

Let me introduce myself. My name is Yoko Takeuchi, both owner and therapist at Leela Veda. Originally from the Shiretoko Peninsula, a World Heritage Site located in Hokkaido, Japan’s northern most island, I later moved to Sapporo where I worked for over 20 years with a major trading company before later becoming a yoga instructor. It was then that I became interested in the art of human health and healing.

[ Qualifications ]

  • ・Ayurveda Panchakarma therapist certified by the Indian Government.
  • ・Practiced with the Vedanta Rishikesh Ayurveda clinic in India.
  • ・Japan relaxation business association qualified therapist.
  • ・Completed Sarah Powers Yin Yan Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training.

When I worked in a salon in Narita, I met and treated many people from the world over, while expanding my interest in Ayurveda. I later made two trips to India to expand my horizons, firstly to Rishikesh, in the north of India, and then to Kannur in the south. In what was a wonderful experience I came to learn much from both the local inhabitants and the animals in the region. Ever since it has been my desire to put what I learned from my time in India into practice. In short, I have combined genuine Ayurveda elements from southern India with my own delicate Japanese technique.